Making and Impact: What is a Carbon Footprint?

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There are many ways to measure a person’s effect on the environment. It can be measured in the amount of waste produced, the amount of food and products consumed, or by their carbon footprint. In general, a carbon footprint measures how much fossil fuel sourced energy a person uses and converts it to the amount of carbon that is released into the air while burning that fuel.

Carbon footprints general take into account transportation and home energy use, (more…)

 Five Best Environment Friendly Full-Size Cars

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It used to be true that if consumers wanted an environmentally friendly car, they had to settle for a small car. With today’s technology, this in no longer the case. Several full-size cars are as, if not more, environmentally friendly as smaller models.

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is a luxury car with gas and electric engines. This large sedan makes an average of 45 miles per gallon in all driving.

Toyota’s full-size Avalon model also does well with conserving gas. The (more…)

 Five Best Environment Friendly Compact Cars

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Investing in a more economical and efficient car can be an important part of your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint and decrease the amount of harmful emissions that driver’s produce each year. Selecting the right vehicle and investing in any transportation option that has the potential to reduce the impact your driving is having on the environment and world around you can make a considerable difference. With a large number of vehicles that have been designed to be more environmentally friendly currently available, and more being added to (more…)

 Homes Now Being Built From An Eco-Friendly Point of View

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While we still might be a long way away from solar energy becoming a standard, more and more houses are being constructed with the applications for solar energy in mind. In fact, Direct Energy texas services and other green energy providers are becoming more prominent as time goes by, and as a home owner or potential buyer of one of these eco-friendly homes, it helps to understand a little something about solar energy and its two types: passive and active.

First of all, passive solar energy is just like it sounds. It is passive; the applications of this energy are passive. There are no cells or solar panels capturing and focusing the solar radiation. Instead, houses are constructed out of certain materials, especially on the side facing south, and these materials work to capture and trap the energy where it can be distributed for heating purposes. Active solar energy involves solar cells and panels that trap and channel solar radiation into applications for immediate use like heating water and cooking.

As we move forward and all our exhaustible energy sources continue to diminish, don’t be surprised to find more eco-friendly homes that make greater use of the natural, renewable energy sources.

 Love Your Planet: The History of Earth Day

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Earth Day is a day when people take time out of their lives to appreciate all that we have been offered through nature. It was first recognized On April 22, 1970, by Gaylord Nelson, a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin. Over twenty million people from every walk of life, set forth on a journey to start an environmental movement to make the earth a better place to live. Because this movement was put forth, other acts fell into place as well.Didn’t catch that? This explains it. These acts (more…)

 Five Ways Recycling Can Save the Planet

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In the past decade, we’ve come a long way in becoming more “green” and eco-friendly. Between building cars with a better gas mileage, to controlling the pollution in plants, each step will help our planet and our future.

If you’re looking for ways you can help our environment, recycling has to be one of the top. Why should you recycle? Here are five great reasons.

Creates jobs: When we recycle, we’re creating millions of jobs. Whether you take back your bottles at the store or you put recyclable goods at the end of your (more…)

 What is the Environmental Protection Agency?

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The Environmental Protection Agency is a federal government agency committed to protecting and and preserving the American environment and the impact it has on human health. The EPA writes and enforces regulations directed for the better impact of the environment based upon laws passed by Congress. The EPA establishes environmental cleanup programs, and pollution standards with acts such as the Clean Air Act, which improves and protects the United States stratospheric ozone layer and air quality. The agency also supports voluntary pollution reduction, conducts and funds research in relation to the environment. The EPA also provides public educations (more…)

 What Everyone Needs to Know about Global Warming

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Global warming is on the minds of many today. Sometimes the information can seem over reaching and even scary. But what are the basic facts everyone should know about global warming? Here are some essential facts everyone should know about global warming.

Yes, global warming is real and the earth is really getting hotter. Global warming is caused by releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thereby creating a blanket of sorts that traps the heat close to the earth’s surface making our climate much hotter than natural phenomena. Carbon dioxide emissions are caused by (more…)